Contact information

If you find our research interesting, want to collaborate, take a Master or Ph.D. with in our lab or have any other questions, feel free to send an email to Lars Ailo Bongo

Lab members:

  1. Lars Ailo Bongo:
  2. Edvard Pedersen:
  3. Einar Holsbø:
  4. Morten Grønnesby:
  5. Rafael Nozal Cañadas:
  6. Nikita Shvetsov:
  7. Rigmor Katrine Johansen:
  8. Mohsen Askar:
  9. Sidra Tahi
  10. Anton Garri Fagerbakk
  11. Bjørn-Richard Pedersen:

Visiting address

The lab is located in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Tromsø:

Department of Computer Science, Science Building (Realfagbygget), Tromsø Campus, Hansine Hansens vei 54, Tromsø (Breivika).