Open datasets

We mostly use open access datasets published by other groups in our work. But we have published some datasets:

  1. The Norwegian Historical Data Centre, 2023. 3-digit occupation code images from the Norwegian census of 1950 - Manual review dataset., DataverseNO, V1.
  2. The Norwegian Historical Data Centre, 2021. Manually annotated 3-digit occupational codes from the Norwegian full count 1950 population census., DataverseNO, V1
  3. Thomas Kilvær, 2021, UiT_TILs - Replication Data for “A Pragmatic Machine Learning Approach to Quantify Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes in Whole Slide Images”,, DataverseNO, V1.
  4. The Norwegian Historical Data Centre, 2019, “Manually annotated 3-digit occupation codes from the Norwegian 1950 census”,, DataverseNO, V1.
  5. Holsbø, Einar, 2017, “Supporting data for “A Standard Operating Procedure for Outlier Removal in Large-Sample Epidemiological Transcriptomics Datasets””, doi:10.18710/FGVLKS, UiT Open Research Data Dataverse, V1.
  6. The marine metagenomics reference databases (browse, BLAST, or download).